The Art of Hearing Advice

I like talking to people and listening to their advice when it comes from their own experiences and when it comes from a place of them processing a piece of information until it makes sense.

Advice is a weird thing. We shouldn’t blindly follow advice, and some advice legitimately sucks. But what I like is advice that doesn’t necessarily come across as advice.

It’s when you’re telling a story and the person you’re telling just says something. It makes so much sense you want to always remember it and implement it because it’s so profound. They didn’t necessarily mean to give you advice as such, it’s just a statement that resonates with you and that you can practically hold onto. It’s just a sentence that makes you feel understood. (They understand, we cheer. Someone gets us!)

That’s why I like hearing and telling stories and that’s why I don’t like it when I feel like I have nothing to say to that person. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I’m not yet through the process they’re in so I can’t offer them anything new.

I also like telling people the same thing but at different times. As in, sometimes I tell someone something the moment it’s happening, when I haven’t had time to process it and I’m still stuck in it. It’s not yet hindsight. But then I like it when I tell someone else a month or two later, because the advice is different and the response is different and I need to hear different things and I can also tell the story differently because I’ve lived through it a little longer. I like hindsight (but I dislike it too).

I don’t know. I think my point is that I like talking to people and I like hearing from people and sometimes I don’t and that’s okay too because sometimes we need a little bit of someone and not of someone else and that’s just a thing that’s a thing. (I also looked up at the sky tonight and it was beautiful.)

Sarah xx

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