The Art of Looking Up

I was closing the doors that lead out onto my balcony because it’s night time and the air is cold and I don’t want to be rugged up in bed with a cold breeze destroying the warm little nest I’ve got going.

Before I closed them fully I decided to step out and look up at the sky.

It was beautiful. Cold, but beautiful. Sometimes cold air is actually really nice, and this cold air was one of the nice ones.

So I looked up and I thought that, no matter where I am, the night sky will always be above me and it’ll always be beautiful and winter will keep turning into spring and God will keep being good to me.

I have to remember that last one especially, for that’s the most important of them all.

No matter where I am, He’s there. He’s already there. He’s waiting for me and He’s excited to start this new season of my life with me.

Awww, campers, how spiritual was that? 10/10 for that statement.

Sarah xx

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