The Art of Loving Pens

Who writes about pens, I hear you ask? I do!

Pens never meant much to me until this year. I mean, throughout high school I went through various stages, sure; year nine meant using pink and purple pens whilst year twelve meant no black; I really liked blue pens. Like, really liked blue pens.

Last year I was given a fountainpen for my birthday. It’s green and pretty and writes really smooth and nice. Last year I used it for special occasions; writing a Bible verse to put on my wall, the occasional journal entry. I was also given a bunch of pastel fineliner pens. (I love pastel colours, so life was exciting, guys!)

Towards the end of last year I decided to use up all of my ordinary pens so I could just use nice ones all the time. I have used them all up, and I now use my fineliner pens to highlight verses in the Bible that speak to me and I use my fountain pen to journal. I tell you, using these pens actually made a difference. I think it’s just that it’s a nice feeling using something that writes so smoothly; it makes me feel like my writing will be legible, which is a nice change.

But in all honesty, it is nice writing with such nice pens (I wonder how many times I’ve used the word nice in this blog post!?). It makes the experience more special because it feels like more effort is being put in.

Point is, I like pens. I like buying pens and I like owning pens and I like writing with pens. I don’t like pencil much, so having nice pens is definitely a yes from me.

Have a good day, campers!

Sarah xx

9 thoughts on “The Art of Loving Pens

  1. I love pens too and it does make such a difference what pen I write with. Some pens make me stop and smile cos I just love the feel of them. Love that you used up your pens so you could work with the ones you love.

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