The Art of Being Busy

It can be so easy to get caught up in a busy day or week or month. It can be so easy to take that busyness and carry it into the next day or into a social event or into your sleep.

I’ve been thinking about how having a busy day affects me.

I forget to go outside and enjoy the sun and I forget to go for a walk and just rest. I forget to lie down and listen to my favourite song and I forget to laugh. When life seems busy, I forget who’s in control.

It’s funny, not in a ha-ha way but a sad way, what I prioritise when I’m busy. Whatever’s causing the busyness, generally study or work, will take priority. But I often forget to keep God my priority. Why does He lose his place at number 1 when I get stressed? He should be first priority all the time.

And then when I do stop and look to Him and journal and pray and read the Bible, everything settles down. Regardless of the busyness, if He’s in the centre, it doesn’t faze as much. But somehow, I still manage to lower him on my list of priorities.

He made time. So why do I say things such as ‘I don’t have enough time to do this’ or ‘why can’t my day have more hours’? Someone said last year that if we don’t have enough time to rest and play and create and spend time with God we’re filling our life with too much other clutter. We have insane schedules that we try to keep, but if God doesn’t make an appearance, something’s not right.

We need time to rest and spend time with God. So why is it too often the first thing we abandon when we’re busy?

Sarah xx

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