The Art of Deciding

Sometimes you have to decide you can.

That’s my sentence for the day. Sometimes you have to decide you can.

Some things in life come down to reason, and there are reasonable blockages keeping you from something. But what I’m learning is sometimes it’s the ‘simple’ matter of deciding you can.

When I first started worshiping in front of people, there were genuine blockages that had to be dealt with, blockages that began in my childhood. Once they had been dealt with, there was suddenly nothing stopping me from doing it except for myself.

I no longer had any excuses, only fear that I had to conquer every single time. Different fears popping up at different times. But every time I had to decide that I can. There were no longer hindrances except for myself. It took a long time getting over myself, if that makes sense. It was so easy to fall back into old habits, but without the childhood blockages, the only thing stopping me was myself. And for silly reasons. Reasons that don’t make sense when said out loud, only when they’re going around and around in your head. They only make sense when you’re trying to justify why you shouldn’t do something when the actual answer you really should do this.

It’s so easy to do this, to justify things in your mind.

But I’m learning to just go and talk to this person. Go and sit next to that person. Go and sing this song. Go and paint that picture. Sometimes all you have to do is decide that you can, because sometimes the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Don’t justify it. Say it out loud and make sense of it, then decide whether you can or can’t.

Until tomorrow, campers,

Sarah xx

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