The Art of Being Understood

With all my playlists, I’ve been thinking about what makes a song a song you like.

Sometimes a song has you hooked within the first split second. Something about the open bars, the beat, the lyrics, has you wanting to listen to it over and over until you hate it. And then you rediscover it months later and so the vicious cycle of a love-hate relationship with a song continues.

Other times, you hear a song once. It’s okay. You don’t buy it. You don’t want to listen to it again and again. But then you hear it on the radio. It comes up in the supermarket, in the car, on a random YouTube playlist. And suddenly you find yourself humming its tune and you wonder why but you roll with it. And then one day, you realise it’s a favourite of yours, for no apparent reason at all.

When I hear a song and I immediately love it, it’s generally because the beat just clicks with me. The tune is catchy, I like their voice, that kind of thing. When I hear a song and think “eh” but then find myself returning to it even though it hasn’t stood out to me, it’s usually because of the lyrics. The tune hasn’t stood out to me, but I keep going back because the words resonate with me.

You know that moment when you hear a song and it perfectly describes your situation or feelings or some unknown thought trapped inside your head? It’s that. You keep going back because of the relief you feel when you realise you’re not the only one feeling that way. Maybe that’s why we watch sad movies; to know we’re not alone.

And there’s something not completely good about this, but I’m not going to delve into that. I’m too tired to. (I say that I’m tired a lot, but it’s a legit thing. You’re tired too, am I right am I right?)

Sarah xx

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