The Art of Choosing Woodwork (part 2)

I thought I would be discussing some new amazing creative thing I learnt today, but it turns out woodwork was my friend again, and other than that I made colourful pompoms. Could I write a whole blog post on pompoms? While this is debatable, I decided not to take the chance to find out.

In woodwork, I struggled with burning words into a piece of pine. (I feel really knowledgeable because I called it ‘pine’ and not merely ‘wood’. Be proud of me, campers!) It was a long and arduous process of writing, only a lot harder. Because it was on wood. And I had to hold the burny thing at a strange angle to get it right. Not to mention the sore hands I got from gripping the burny thing. And pine is difficult to burn words into. (I think someone told me that, anyway. Don’t quote me on it though.)

I gave up on my piece of pine after twenty minutes or so and set my mind on pompoms. Pompoms. From wood to wool. Because doing woodwork was difficult. Not physically (well, just a little) but emotionally and spiritually. Not even kidding. All of these things just kept popping up at me so I couldn’t ignore them.

It’ll turn out bad.

If it’s not pretty or practical what’s the point of keeping this piece of pine.

No one will help me and it’ll be awkward.

This is taking too long.

No, seriously, this is taking too long.

I now have in my bedside table top drawer a piece of pine that is half burned words and half penciled words, because I didn’t finish it. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow I’ll finish it. Maybe tomorrow it’ll look better than it does today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be nearly almost kind of happy with it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to thank God for taking me to woodwork.

All of those things that I said above that paragraph, all of those things that just kept popping up. It was God revealing to me places that He’s not in. If I were more like Jesus (and not in a condemning-myself-kind-of-way) I would give it a go without the fear of being ‘good enough’, because I would know that to God I am enough. I wouldn’t worry about it turning out bad because it’s creativity and nothing wrong could ever be made in creativity.

I think you get the idea; woodwork brought up the places in my life God wants to heal and will heal one day. He’s already begun, praise the Lord.

The one I’m struggling with the most is if it’s not pretty or practical what’s the point of keeping this piece of pine. Do I believe that if I lost both of these attributes I would become unloved and unwanted by God? That’s a question I’ll be pondering for a long time, campers.

This went deeper than I was expecting, but I hope it makes sense. Sometimes things like this only make sense if you’ve lived them. Or proof-read them. I have only done one of those two, so I pray it makes sense to all you campers out there living a life away from my own.

Find your ‘woodwork’ and see what’s revealed once you start the process. (Disclaimer: once God brings something up through creativity you can’t unthink it and it may take up a lot of headspace for a long time.)

Sarah xx

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