The Art of Choosing Woodwork (part 1)

I’m currently on a creativity course for four days, and today we were given the green light on going to many different creative stations, such as painting, jewellery making, sewing, leather work, dance, drama…the list is pretty much endless.

Surprisingly, the first station I landed at was woodwork. We were given the ability to choose what stations we went to, and my first instinct was woodwork. Woodwork. If you know me in person, I feel like you’d take one look at me and think she would cry just lookin’ at a lathe. Well campers, I was stronger than that.

I walked (timidly) to the workshop where all of the woodwork was held. I nearly ran away, but found a (friendly) face. (I don’t know why I bracketed the friendly) (it just seemed fitting). Anyway, I found a (friendly) face, made a whispered-scream sound and said “What do I do?” To which he said “what do you want to do?”

Our conversation started a process of him teaching me how to use the different tools and how to just go for it and make something. I’m still not finished, as I’m painting it tomorrow, but I’m pretty proud of myself. More than pretty. Proud. All on its own. I am proud of myself. And very thankful to the (friendly) face for being patient with my whispered-screams throughout the whole cutting-wood process.

So today I chose woodwork, and it took up a majority of my day. This fact surprises me, because two days ago I was telling myself I wouldn’t be going near woodwork. Yet here we are. I am. With a sanded-down small wood thing that I actually really like and can picture myself keeping for the rest of my life, with it probably sitting on the top of my fireplace when I’m sixty. Far out, let’s not talk about when I’m sixty. That’s kind of terrifying. Yeesh.

So I did woodwork today and I am creative because God is and we are made in His image. Groov-ay.

I know you all have a ‘woodwork’ in your life. As in, something that you want to avoid but will be drawn to if you don’t push it down. Allow it. It’ll be worth it and it’ll do things in you that you probably won’t see coming. I’m still not sure what this is that applies to me, but I’m sure it’ll be revealed. (Hopefully soon.)

Have a good night, campers, and I’ll talk again tomorrow about the new exciting creative thing I did in my day. Yay!

Sarah xx

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