The Art of Noticing the Small Things

I like making small things significant. I like when authors make everyday tasks fill an entire page with description. I like when the things that make us human are turned into something spectacular.

For the advanced English class I took in year eleven and twelve, we were told to read a chapter of a book. Either that or it was a short story; I can’t actually remember. But I do remember one particular page.

This whole page was devoted to describing what this man ate for breakfast. It spoke of plump cooked tomatoes and juicy grapefruit and hot sausages and it was described in the most beautiful way, it was so realistic. That’s the kind of thing I appreciate. You could easily argue Sarah, it’s just breakfast. Calm down. But it was made into so much more than that. Breakfast was turned into an experience of seeing and smelling and tasting, and I only read it.

That’s why I like reading other people’s blogs, because they can write so much about one small thing that means something more to them than what other people might see. Everyone contributes to what other people recognise. Sometimes all it takes is hearing someone put into words what we’ve been feeling or known inside but could never express.

Notice your own small things and make them big things,

Sarah xx

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