The Art of Hearing

My voice is nearly normal again, thanks to the amount of time I’ve spent in bed lately.

This morning, as per a usual Saturday, we had a worship session for half an hour in the morning. But even though I could sing, I couldn’t hear myself well enough to sing loudly. It was good, because it made me quiet myself and be more in tune with what was going on around me.

Worship is different every time you’re there.

Sometimes, and I love this, it feels like it’s just you and God and you sing so loudly and confidently and you’re so in His presence nothing else matters. Other times I look out at the audience, and I can’t help but smile because everyone looks so beautiful when they’re worshipping God. Some people dance, some people have their arms in the air, some people laugh, some people cry. It’s always beautiful to look out and see other people connecting with God.

Today I had my eyes closed, and I listened to everyone’s voices united as they sang. And I couldn’t hear myself and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t get ‘into’ it and I stood there listening, not moving at all, which I usually do as well.

But then something changed and everyone’s voices brought me to Jesus’ presence.

And it was amazing.

Sarah xx

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