The Art of Blogging when You have Nothing to Blog About

This feels scarily like a confession rather than a happy blog post, but I’ll roll with it for now.

I feel unmotivated and tired, which is a feeling many people know too well. So here’s a blog post that might help, but might not, because I’m not going to proofread this one.

1/ Know that you have something to say

I try to base my blog posts on my personal experience from the day whilst making it readable for people who don’t actually know me. In moments like this, however, I don’t feel like writing about anything except for complaining about my week. But you have something to say, and it’s worth hearing! Even if it is a complaint. Well. This is a debatable point.

2/ Write from the heart

I get it if you don’t want the whole internet world to know about your recent breakup or fight or whatever it is. But also know that you don’t always have to write about stuff that other people want to hear. If I did that, most of my blog posts wouldn’t exist, because most of them won’t help anyone do anything (except for this one, so be nice). Point is, blog because you want to blog, not because you recognise the need for more websites about, I don’t know, finance. Unless writing about finance is you writing from the heart. If so, write about finance all you want. Who knows, I might have a post on finance one of these days. 😉

3/ Feel motivated by reading a lot

Whether it’s your own writing or someone else’s, read something and feel inspired to write something. It works for me when I don’t feel up to it; I just read some of my own writing and think “heck yeah you’ve got this”, or I read someone else’s and think “that’s a good topic to write about, let’s form my own opinion about it and try not to steal that one really clever sentence”.

4/ Remember that bad writing is still writing

And it’ll probably be good if you leave it for two days then come back to it. I always end up regretting deleting what I write, though I still do it. Because we’re very critical on ourselves and in the moment. So write something, and if you don’t want to post it, just let it rest on a different word document and come back to it. It’s probably genius. Probably.

Okay, that’s enough from this tired camper. Have a good sleep, everyone!

Sarah xx

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