The Art of Loving Cold Weather

It’s cold outside and downstairs, but upstairs it’s warm and my sleeves are rolled up although my socks are on because my feet get cold easily.

There’s a simultaneous sigh as my world realises autumn is here and winter has nearly arrived and fires will be made and beanies will be worn and people will complain about the cold including me because even though I love winter being cold can kind of suck.

We’ll have to buy more tea than usual because everyone will want fifty cups a day, if only to warm their hands, and people will be hidden under their scarves and big jumpers. And I’ll hug more people more often because when it’s cold you need someone else to protect you from the air that surrounds you and going outside will happen less frequently.

Although going outside in the cold can be nice. It can be nice especially when it’s windy because it makes you feel alive, because every part of you is cold making you aware of every part of you. It’s cold and it’s cold and it’s cold and it brings back memories and it makes you appreciate fire and blankets and tea and it makes you try to remember summer but you can’t properly because you can’t remember what hot temperatures actually are because in winter does the word hot even exist? It only does in the case of standing in front of a bonfire for too long in one position.

Winter isn’t here yet, but autumn is preparing us. We don’t appreciate it and yet we do at the same time.

Stay warm, campers,

Sarah xx

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