The Art of Being Uniquely United

Sometimes it’s nice when you’re the only one.

When you’re the only one who likes peanut butter with celery, the only one who thinks it’s cold, the only one who’s ever fallen off their bike. It means people ask you questions and they see you as an individual and you’re your own person because hey, that’s right everyone, I often think it’s cold when other people don’t.

But on the flipside, I love the feeling of being in a collective that’s so true! Like when you’re hanging out with ten people, and one person mentions that there’s cheesecake in the fridge, and everyone goes crazy because everyone loves cheesecake and everyone has their own cheesecake story to tell and everyone is talking about cheesecake and everyone could talk about cheesecake for hours and no one is left out in the cheesecake-lovin’.

Or when it’s raining, and everyone just kind of looks out the window in awe, and someone mentions that it looks divine outside, and everyone is in this silent kind of agreement. No one argues, there’s just a comfort in knowing you’re not the only one who’s in love with the rain. You all stare and stare and stare and secretly wish you were in it.

Or the in between, when you’re in a group of ten and there’s one other person who listens to the same band as you, and you can freak out about it together and everyone else is confused but you understand so you have fun and you just talk and talk and talk because finally someone understands me!

I love moments such as these, and I’m sure I always will,

Sarah xx

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