The Art of Reflecting

It’s that time of year, campers; the time to reflect on what’s been happening. Technically I’m still in term 1 of my year, as holidays are still a week away, but my brain is definitely in holiday-mode. I feel like lazing about in comfy clothes and hibernating with cups of tea and books and music and friends. Alas, I still have work and study that needs attention, but overall I’m feeling like the term is winding up already. I think the weather has a part to play in this; this weather makes you want to lie in bed for days on end without doing much else.

So, reflection time a week early.

I was thinking this morning, as I walked down the hallway with freezing bare feet and regret that I wasn’t wearing socks, that I have been blogging every day since January. Maybe time has just gone incredibly quick so far this year, but it feels like I should have stopped this weeks ago, out of lack of ideas, boredom, defeat, I’m not sure. But I’m still going, and I wonder how many more blog posts lay nestled in my head, waiting to be uncovered in a moment of genius-inspiration.

And some blog posts are short and some are longer, and some are more intelligent while others are just random thoughts bundled together and thrown onto the page. But whatever these posts are, I’m kind of impressed.

Some days are easier than others when writing a blog post. Some days I have more time and more words, and life seems bright. Other times the letters barely collect together and the post seems to take years to write up.

But I’ve enjoyed myself so far, as a general description of the process. It’s intriguing seeing that I can actually write every day, and that it doesn’t have to be perfect. I mean, when I’ve written things in the past, before this year, I would end up deleting most of it and not being happy with it, but because I’ve challenged myself to write every day and post something every day, I’ve learned to accept my own words.

Write, and write the truest thing you know.

Campers, the weather is cooling and cuddling into blankets is fun, and I encourage you to reflect back on the year/month/week/day, and see how far you’ve come. Don’t let current hindrances make you forget how much you’ve overcome,

Sarah xx

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