The Art of Loving Plants

I once read somewhere that “Nature’s primary function is to be beautiful.”

I don’t buy flowers because they serve a necessary purpose, I buy them because they’re pretty. They look pretty, feel pretty, smell pretty. They bring a joy that other things don’t.

There’s something calming about the process of dealing with plants. Buying the perfect pot, grabbing fistfuls of dirt and placing it in the pot, loosening the plant from its container and emptying it into your hand upside down before placing it in its new pot. Watering them, watching them grow. It’s a relaxing process. (I especially love grabbing the dirt.)

But the plants don’t provide me with any necessity. They’re not vegetable plants or herbs. They’re marigolds and daisies and snap dragons that simply bloom until they die.


As I write, someone outside is mowing the lawn. I love the smell of cut grass, even if it does give me hay fever. It reminds me of spring. But the grass doesn’t ‘do’ anything. It just sits there and makes our property look inviting. Walking barefoot on springy grass is one of the best simple pleasures in the world, but we don’t ‘need’ it.

Creation is actually amazing,

Sarah xx

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