The Art of Being Passionate about Something

I was reading an article that said to write five pages on what you’re passionate about. It could be feminism, giraffes, blankets. Whatever it is your passionate about, you could probably write five thousand pages about it and not run out of things to say or get bored. Okay, maybe not. But the thought’s there.

This got me thinking about what I could write about. I’m not going to write five pages (I’m not going to make you guys read a five-page blog post) but I will write something. I will write something about something I’m passionate about.

Okay. So what is it that I’m passionate about?

I’m passionate about books. (I could write a lot about them.) I’m passionate about God. (I could write a lot about Him.) I’m passionate about reading and writing. Winter. Tea. Singing. Organisation. Decluttering. Teaching. Truth. Talking. Words. Sewing. Flowers. Plants. Journaling. Learning. The beach. Inspiration. Christmas. Conversations. Family.

So in the following days, campers, maybe expect a blog post (or fifty) about some of the topics stated above.

Have a good one,

Sarah x

2 thoughts on “The Art of Being Passionate about Something

  1. Ooh, I like this idea! Might do some thinking and writing myself 🙂

    And I look forward to some posts on the things you mentioned. (You know you want to write about death caps…)

    Liked by 1 person

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