The Art of Having Time

On some days, it feels like we have all the time in the world to do everything we want, and everything can be done in a breezy manner, because you know there’s no rush for any of it. Other days, it feels like we’re competing with the entire world as we struggle to do one thing after another, and most things that get done aren’t done to the standard that we had hoped, nor with the enjoyment we had hoped.

Blogging is like this; some days I have hours stretched out before me, and I can take the time to write a long, thought out post that I automatically add to my list of favourite posts, because it’s a winner. Other days it’s a battle to get at least a few sentences on a page with all the busyness going on around me.

Today is kind of both of these things at once, and so I suppose neither. Today hasn’t been stressful or rushed, but to fit in writing a blog post has been slightly painful. I only have seven minutes left of my break, and am hoping to come up with some sort of great moral behind this post, some advice, some really deep and meaningful thought –

But alas.

So this will have to suffice. Some things are priorities, others are not. What you fit into your day is your business, but if you’re struggling to have enough time for the important things, like family or God or joys, than maybe you should rethink the thing that does receive the most of your time. It could be work or study, and whilst these are important, please don’t make them the be-all-end-all. Tonight, instead of being able to write a blog post, I’m planning on going to a worship night, which is, in my opinion, more important than writing a blog, which is why I’m fitting this in now, while I still have four more minutes of aggressive typing and hopefully coherent sentences.

Have a good one, campers,

Sarah xx

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