The Art of Being Inspired

I think it’s great how one person’s idea can inspire someone else to do something similar, or inspire them to follow their own passion. For instance, my sister and my mum both recently started their own bullet journals, and I now follow bullet journalists on Instagram, because even though I don’t have one, it’s inspiring me to be more creative. (Bullet journals are seriously amazing though; two of my favourite things, creativity and organization. So good.)

A song can inspire you to make a change, just as a good movie or book can. I love it when you finish reading a book and it was just brilliant and the protagonist redeems themselves by the end of the novel and it makes you feel good because they righted their wrongs. Or a movie, when the protagonist makes a big change for the better, and you just get excited because they’re finally doing it. Like when the girl stands up for herself, or the boy starts making his own decisions. It’s inspiring, because there’s something in us that relates to that, and maybe sometimes we wish we were able to do that.

People do things that inspire us, many things.

I wonder how many things I’ve done, how many things you’ve done, because of the way someone has inspired us. Writing a blog, maybe? Learning guitar? Baking, running, sewing? Getting a haircut, eating healthier? Cleaning, learning something new, traveling?

Pictures inspire us. Fashion inspires us. Dance inspires us. If you really look around, a bunch of stuff is right there to inspire you everyday. Take the song you’re listening to right now; I’m sure it could inspire you somehow. Look at the books on your shelves; even reading the blurb could inspire you. Reading other people’s blogs inspire me. And people write blogs about everything and anything. Gardening, recipes, fitness, music, fashion, organizing. I love how many things are out there ready to catch my eye and inspire me. I’m not overly fashionable, but flicking through magazines inspire me. I don’t yet own my own home, but looking at home ware stores inspire me. I don’t dance often, but seeing someone do it well makes me wish I could.

Watching a movie with a relatable character makes me want to march out of the cinema and make a change. Seeing someone else organizing something makes me wish I was more messy so I had more things to organize. Inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration is words on a page, music in your ears, paint on a canvas. I hope I’m getting my point across (if not, I wonder how many more times I’ll use the word ‘inspire’ in this blog post).

I just love being inspired. It’s such a good feeling, filled with endless possibilities. After reading blogs with amazing recipes, I’m motivated to bake more. After seeing pictures of bullet journals, I’m motivated to combine my creativity with my planning. After watching someone perform, I’m motivated to keep learning guitar.

I encourage you to think about what inspires you and to surround yourself with such things. Have a mood board, decorate your room, read blogs about your passions and go to concerts. Read good books and listen to good music, then go watch a good movie. Discover your passion. It could be something like teaching or mentoring. It could be anything and everything. But I want you to find it, because once you have, life becomes a bit fuller.

Thanks for being an inspiration,

Sarah xx

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