The Art of Achieving Goals

I told myself I wouldn’t call them “New Years Resolutions”, because that has kind of icky connotations for some reason. I’m a believer in the fact that God is our strength, and if we want to change something, it will be through Him and not by our own will.

In this, know that I’m definitely keen on making goals and I love making, not necessarily challenges, but things that will grow me in some capacity. Such as writing this blog everyday, or deciding to run several days a week and trying to break bad habits. All that kind of stuff that I blogged about in January. You know by now that I like making lists and saying “I will do this” and “this is my plan” and “it’s time this happened”. List making is where it’s at for me. Without lists, I think I would die. Not actually. But that’s beside the point.

Whatever it is you want to call it (goals, plans, wants, to-dos, New Years Resolutions), the thought is similar: doing something, making a change, being productive, deciding to better your life somehow.

And sticking to it is really hard sometimes.

Some things are easy to achieve; there are some goals that I’m totally smashing, like spending more time with God. I now have a routine that I love where I get to spend time with God every morning. That works for me, so for this year that’s what I’ll keep doing. But other goals are hard to keep up.

Like running.

If it helps, I still have my fitness playlist on my iPod.

But the only time I’ve listened to it in the past four weeks is when I had to do my laundry.

This isn’t a blog post about how to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, because I clearly haven’t nailed that one. It’s a blog post saying “I clearly haven’t nailed that one.”

The difference is that this year I don’t mind that I haven’t. I’ve done heaps of amazing stuff this year already, and I feel good about twenty seventeen. I’ve blogged everyday, I’ve grown in my relationship with God, I’ve eaten crazy healthy for thirty days (it’s a one-month plan, and tomorrow is my last day. I actually did it, y’all.), I’ve read books that I’ve been meaning to for months, and I’ve learned a bucket load of stuff. I’m not going to put myself down because I haven’t run in a month. It’s been hot; I would’ve died running out there. Again, not actually, but that’s beside the point.

You know, I bought more plants and they’re all wilting because of the heat. I’ve done stuff that I love, and even though some of it isn’t turning out the way it’s ‘supposed’ to, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a success. My plants still bring me joy, even if they are looking dejected and tortured. My fitness playlist still brings me joy, even if I only listen to it when I’m cleaning.

Don’t be hard on yourself,

Sarah xx

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