The Art of Reading your To-Read List

I have known this struggle and I have known many others with this struggle; having too many books to read and not enough time to read them all.

I used to go searching for new books to read; whenever I would go to the library I’d get fifteen books rather than four, and whenever I scanned Goodreads, I would always be looking in the recommended lists and finding books that I was interested in, all the while adding them to my to-read list.

This resulted in me constantly having books that I was currently reading whilst only adding to the increasing list of books that I wanted to read but had yet to. It wasn’t getting me anywhere.

Last year I went through my to-read list that I had made on Goodreads, and ended up deleting all but four. After culling this list, there was room to breathe again. There was no pressure to read all of these books, and it made reading more fun again, because it wasn’t a competition against time any more.

I now don’t scan Goodreads as often, and I don’t add books on a whim without checking them out fully and asking myself if I really want to read it or not. I’ve now realised that books I like to read should either be by familiar authors, new authors who have potential, classics, or Christian. That’s not to say I won’t check out new books or take recommendations, it just means I’m not spending unnecessary time reading books that won’t feed me in the right way.

I love reading, but I do it less this year than I did throughout high school, simply because the time I have available has changed and my priorities have changed. And I’m okay with that. Reading is still a great past time of mine, and I love sitting down and relaxing with a book, and I think that because I don’t do it as much as I did, I appreciate it more now when I do get the chance to have that down time.

But I urge you to cull your to-read list, especially if it is seeming overwhelming or taking the joy out of reading. Reading shouldn’t be an obligation. And now that mine is culled, I can take my reading list easier.

Enjoy reading today,

Sarah xx

One thought on “The Art of Reading your To-Read List

  1. Hey Sarah, I have the same problem at the moment – too many books to read and too little time. They are a mixture of things I really want to read and things people have lent me to read. I’m excited to finally be on Goodreads where I can start to keep track of what I’ve read. love Mum

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