The Art of Understanding

I’m constantly amazed at how you can know something, and you can think you know it really well, and then something happens and suddenly you know it.

Revelations are an interesting thing. How one thing can be a fact in your head without being a true belief in your heart. And then it kind of does drop into your heart, and it’s not always dramatic, but sometimes it is. Sometimes it happens in a second. Sometimes it takes longer than that, and then one day you realize that it’s been in your heart for a little while already.

Sometimes a realization is very welcome, and makes you feel joyful and content. Other times it feels like it’s crushing you a little bit until you can process it further and deal with whatever it is.

But regardless of whether or not it’s ‘good’, it always feels like a breath of fresh air. It feels like a weight has been lifted off, because there’s something in you that clicks and just makes sense. It’s like everything in your life is finally working out, even if it’s causing seemingly more problems. I think it’s just a relief to finally begin to understand something that’s always been on your mind but never fully grasped.

Today I got a realization of something that I’ve never even known in my head. It didn’t completely come out of nowhere, because I asked God a question that had been plaguing me, but it still hit me like nothing else. At least we can be assured that God will be gentle.

You know that moment when you’re a kid and you realize that one day you’ll be dealing with taxes? Or when you discover that one day you’ll have to move out and cook for yourself? That’s just the beginning, my friend. And I pray that I never lose that want in me to understand, to have God revelations that can both encourage and challenge me. That’s what I want. More.

In all of this, God is good,

Sarah xx

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