The Art of Prioritising

A theme has been set for my day: Time. Prioritising. I almost wish I had been thinking about this before I procrastinated my way through Monday; a trait I’m glad didn’t flow into my Tuesday.

Anyway, the point is, time is really important when you stop and really think about it. How much time have I wasted in one day, let alone one week, month, or year? (I changed my mind, I don’t want to think about this any more.)

But I seriously do want to think more about what I prioritise, what I class as important. If someone were to follow me around for a long period of time, they’d be able to tell me what I prioritise, even if I don’t want to prioritize it. We don’t always realize when we’ve let something important slip.

So this is my priority list, and maybe it’ll get you thinking about where you spend your time.

1/ God

This, for me, involves devotions, worship, all of that stuff. To me, my relationship with God is the most important. I now choose to do my quiet time in the morning after making my breakfast, and instead of bringing my phone to check the time (so I’m not late for work), I wear my watch so I’m not distracted by notifications. And because I’ve planned my morning around my quiet time rather than adding in my quiet time once everything else is done, I now always have time for it. (When what was used to happen was I’d spend ages on my laptop and then not have any time to spend with God.)

2/ Family and friends

This is one that most people would agree with. God created us to have relationships with one another, and whilst sometimes you need to say no to people, I want to have the right motivations for saying yes and no to them. These are the people you do life with; they are so important. And I want them to know how important they are to me.

Some people who are important to you happen to live with you, whilst others could live far away. So you need to figure out that balance of emailing/calling those you don’t see, and spending time with the people who live just down the hall.

3/ Study/work

I work on Fridays and Sundays, so these are the days that I prioritize work over study, because I don’t study on those days. Same as on the days I’m studying, I don’t want to spend all day worrying about what’s going on in the office, and what work I could be accomplishing. So study and work are interchangeable depending on what day of the week it currently is. Right now, study is what I need to be focusing on, so that’s where my priorities lie for the day.

4/ Hobbies

Such as blogging, playing musical instruments, going for a walk, watering my plants, baking. (Although the baking only tends to happen if there’s something else I have to do and I’m ignoring it. Or I’m really emotional and need something methodical to distract me.)

But with priorities, there needs to be balance. If all I ever did was spend time hanging out with friends, whilst those relationships are important, it would result in me never getting any study done. And if I only ever studied, I would never play my guitar or blog. You need to be aware of working and playing, campers, or things will go pear shaped.

I hope you do something that’s important to you today,

Sarah xx

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