The Art of Taking the Time

My post for today is simple: take the time to do things.

This fits in well with my other posts (such as doing what energizes you, saying yes, saying no, etc.) but I like to think it’s still original. So. I’ve been thinking about the things that I want to do. And maybe you can start to think about the things you want to do, too, while you’re here. Because I’m not always good at prioritizing or balancing the things in my life, but on the days that I do? I love that feeling. So here is my list, and maybe something will resonate with you. Or maybe it won’t.

1/ Take the time to blog

As I said in my post from yesterday, some of my posts are very short, although that’s not the point of writing this blog. So I want to take the time to write a decent blog post and say what I really want to say. Because that’s another small reason about why I write a blog; it’s getting out my voice, regardless of how many people read this. Long story short, writing a blog is important to me (for Godly reasons, don’t sweat it), and I want to start taking the time again to write blog posts that actually mean something to me (not the whole ‘I have to do this so I’ll write something short that I don’t particularly care about).

2/ Take the time to do a job well done

I’m good at rushing. (This ties into my thing of starting something but not finishing it.) How many times have I had to unpick something that I spent time sewing together? Many a time. I start off neat, but because I want it finish, the quality of what I’m doing goes down, and then it hits that point where I know I need to go back and spend more time redoing it. This isn’t efficient, and I don’t particularly like this look on life, but it’s become a theme in various aspects of my life. And I want to do a good job, and do things well. I like the thought of leaving things in a better condition than how I found it.

3/ Take the time to connect with people

This is a massive thing for me. I’ve definitely become more of a people person over the course of last year, due to prayer and healing in my life, but I’m still learning that it’s okay to strike up conversations with people and talk to them and that people want to hear me. I don’t know if that will make much sense to you, but I’m learning as I go. I have so much love in my heart for people, it just doesn’t always find it’s way out, because I get scared.

4/ Take the time to spend time with God

My devotions starting ten days ago have been the best of my life, I’m convinced of it. Never have I been more excited to spend time with God and listen to what He has to say. I love it when He talks to me, which He’s always doing, and I love how it sets up my day. Woowoo for God!

5/ Take the time to care about things and to like what you like

I’m learning that it’s okay to like what you like, and you should care about the things you care about. Don’t hide it because of what other people think; you should feel free to be you like only you can. I love plants, so I’ve taken the time to buy plants and nurture them. I love blogging, so I’ve taken the time to write everyday. And time, for me, is important. I think it’s important to most people. Time suggests effort. Putting time into something shows there’s worth in what you’re doing.

Sarah xx

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