The Art of Keeping a Blog

What I’ve found is that blogging is easier at the beginning, which I did expect, but I was hoping that as I fell into February, then March, then April, my blog posts would continue to be a decent length and full of wisdom, or something along that line. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting as I reached February (although I still have seven days to go until I reach one month since I started to blog), but it wasn’t one-paragraph posts and a lack of creativity.

So even though I’m keeping up with my goal of blogging everyday, some days I nearly don’t get by (those days where you have a late night and your brain doesn’t want to churn out another blog post, because that means putting together sentences and hoping they somehow make sense). Although I do have to say, I am loving having a blog. It’s adding an odd sort of routine to my life, even though I blog at a different time everyday. It’s a way of writing without having the pressure of writing a full-length novel.

I’m still not sure what the end result of this blog will be, but I’m excited to see how God speaks through it. I’m also interested to see what topics I can think up with so many days still ahead of me.

At this point of the post, I think it would be a good idea to add a list, or some sort of advice, because that’s what a blog usually contains. So, here is both a list and advice about blogging, all learnt first hand:

1/ Step out and do something, even if you’re unsure of where it will go or what the reward, if any, will be. Such as writing a blog post. I’ve spent money on having a website url, even though there is no guarantee of having gained anything (besides the great God stuff) by the end of it.

2/ Take photos of things if you want to. I don’t have a particularly good eye for things, but I like having a photo for each post I publish, and it’s nice being able to look back on my posts and see the photos that I’ve taken and that I’ve journeyed through.

3/ It’s okay to not have a particular theme or topic for your blog. My blog is about me. Although I suppose that in itself is a theme/topic. If you want to write, don’t let something like that stop you. In fact, there shouldn’t be much at all stopping you. I had some negative responses when people found out I was writing a blog, but also some really excited ones. The negative ones aren’t going to stop me from doing something that I love, and the exciting ones encourage me to keep going. Win/win, baby.

4/ Keep it up. Don’t give up. That sounds cheesy (man, now I feel like eating cheese) but it’s so true. It is so, so true, and with most things in life. Everyone says it, and it’s much easier said than done in some scenarios, but seriously. Don’t give up. (Someone might have to tell me that in six months when I feel like I have nothing left to write about. Keep that in mind, peeps.)

I hope you feel good after reading my list of advice on blogging, and I hope you do what you love.

Sarah xx

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