The Art of Saying Yes

I want to say yes to adventures. Yes to going out of my comfort zone. Yes to spontaneity. Yes to saying the words I was always to afraid to speak. Yes to God.

I know my thing has been ‘say no if that’s your thing’, but now it’s my time to say yes.

So many times today and yesterday I could have said no, but I said yes. And I’m so glad I did. I’ve said yes to invites, yes to hanging out with my friends, yes to making a change, yes to that conversation I’ve been meaning to for days, yes to stepping out there and going for it, yes to enthusiasm and excitement.

There is most certainly a time and place for saying no, but now it’s time for me to learn when to say yes. Whilst some reasons for saying no are completely legitimate, healthy, Godly reasons, they’re not 100% of the time. Sometimes I say no because I’m upset and I want to wallow in self-pity, when the only way to feel better is in the company of others who are having fun and who make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Sometimes I say no because I’m in a crumby mood, which is usually a mix of jealousy and inadequacy. Neither of these are good enough reasons to say no. I’ve missed out on beach trips (my favourite place on earth), connecting with people, having a laugh, talking about deep stuff, because I’ve been too silly to say yes.

So I’m learning both when to say no and when to say yes. And it’ll be rocky at times, as these things usually are, and probably awkward at times, but I’m keen to learn my new word of ‘yes’, but the right kind of yes.

I hope your day had the right kind of yes in it,

Sarah xx

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