The Art of Procrastinating

I’ve never really thought about myself as a procrastinator before; I’m usually pretty good at being motivated to get things done and to check another thing off my to-do list. But every now and then, I get in this mood, like I am now, where study is just so unappealing I will do anything to escape it.

So, my list of ways to avoid study:

1/ Go for a run. (If you let your energy out now, you’ll be able to sit down and study for a longer period of time.)

2/ Clean.

3/ Have a shower. (Running and cleaning makes you sweaty.)

4/ Make lunch. (Because after all of that running and cleaning, it’s already noon.)

5/ Watch a movie. (The one that you’ve been meaning to watch for a year. See, your crossing something off your bucket list. Well done.)

6/ Call a friend. (You’ve been wanting to ring them all month.)

7/ Do the dishes.

8/ Look at your to-do list. (And try to find something easier on it to do.)

9/ It’s three in the afternoon. I think it’s finally time to start studying.

10/ Open a word document.

11/ Check your emails.

12/ Open yet another word document and write a blog post.

Fortunately for me, I’ve still got all afternoon to smash out a draft. I hope you cross one thing off your to-do list today,

Sarah xx

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