The Art of Loving Cold Beach Days

The day looks cold and unwelcome.

Except…today is beach day, and beach days are always awesome when cold! Well, most of the time. Besides the cold part. But we’ll get to that later on. For now, lets see why the beach is so great, even when the sun aint shining.

1/ There is no enforced swimming, although if you do go in, it’s usually with a friend, and you can scream at the same time as the freezing water hits your stomach for the first time, then run out after one minute of bobbing up and down with teeth chattering.

2/ Sand castles are always fun. I learnt the art of serious sandcastle building last year, when I went on a beach day out with the people I live with. We brought spades and big buckets, and I’m telling you, it was intense. We were able to make a massive castle with turrets and amazing things I can’t even describe, and it was a completely new experience

3/ Ice cream is always enjoyable, no matter the temperature, and ice cream is a must if you’re going to the beach. Just like eating hot chips. Both are expected, and both are always welcome. And hot chips warm you up, so they’re practically an investment.

4/ Throwing seaweed at people. There is no rule that says you have to go into the water to throw seaweed at people, there’s heaps of it just chillin’ in the sand. And throwing seaweed is something that will never get old, and it will always be hilarious.

5/ The coffee shops near by. What do I do? I smile at my friends and they let me drink some of their chai latte. Twice in one day; winner winner, chicken dinner.

6/ Good music. Every beach trip deserves a good playlist to get the excitement going. Beachy songs are honestly one of the best things known to man. It’s exactly like being in a movie, only it’s not.

7/ This one kind of depends on the individual. If you have a crazy awesome group of friends like I do, chuck a few dance moves into your day to keep you warm and get you laughing. Just hope that at least one other person joins in, because otherwise it’s kind of awkward.

8/ Walking along the shoreline. This has always been a favourite experience of mine, from when I first started going to the beach. No matter what the temperature is like, it’s always beautiful and calming. Walking with your feet half in/half out, letting the breeze do its thing. Nature is awesome, and it’s times like this when you can enjoy it without distraction.

9/ Family holidays and friend outings. The beach reminds me of all the great holidays we took there as a kid, and now I can enjoy the beach as an adult with my friends. Win/win, I believe. The beach is just great for everything.

10/ Swings. The beach I went to today had a swing, which made my day a little brighter. Swings bring me such joy, I can’t even explain it. Good memories revolving around swings, I suppose. I don’t know. Whatever it is, having my turn on the swing after a little kid left definitely brought a smile to my face. Just don’t tell me to jump off. Because I won’t. I’m not that game.

11/ Compulsory fun. Enough said.

(And now, to the part where I actually mention the cold)

12/ Bring a jacket. If it looks cold out there, campers, take a jacket. Your limbs will thank you, as will your mother.

I hope you enjoy the beach as much as I do,

Sarah xx

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